PackStudio FAQ

How do I install PackStudio?

PackStudio is very easy to install. Simply download the installer from the downloads page for your platform, and run it.

Some elements of PackStudio require the PackStudio Minecraft modification to be installed. This can be downloaded from the downloads page as a JAR file, and copied into your Minecraft mods directory.

I do not have Java installed. Will I still be able to use PackStudio?

If you do not have Java installed, no problem. The PackStudio installer will automatically install the latest version of Java for your computer.

When I run PackStudio, it says that JavaFX is not installed.

This could be because you are running a newer version of Java. Java versions 8 and below have JavaFX pre-installed. If you are using Java 9 or above, you will need to manually install JavaFX from the JavaFX website.

What are the system requirements for running PackStudio?

PackStudio does not require a super powerful computer to run. If your computer can run Minecraft, it’ll be able to run PackStudio.

Linux MacOS Windows
Java 8 or above Java 8 or above Java 8 or above
Linux 3.2 or above OS X 10.8 or above Windows 7 or above